Saturday, June 3, 2017

Third Grade Selfies Picasso Style

Third Graders ended the year in the Art Studio  exploring the concept of self portraits with a twist- Picasso Style. Picasso was an artist whose work and contribution to new ways of seeing I revisit year after year. This year we read a book about Picasso’s early years and how those years were not easy for him. We also learned about the style of art he developed called Cubism. In Cubism an artist often sees an object or person from many different sides and incorporates those points of view into the one work of art.  In our Picasso style selfie’s we drew ourselves from profile and head on and then added clues in the work  that revealed things about us. We also used color expressively.
 Years ago, a second grade student came up with this statement. He said, “ Mrs. Higgison, paintings don't give you answers, they give you clues."  It struck me at the time and still does as one of the best definitions of art and so very true and so I will end the year with that quote to you all. These expressive and colorful selfies give us clues about the artist and I hope you enjoy them as much as the kids enjoyed making them.
I am posting a few here to give the flavor of the work. Kids really enjoyed the freedom this lesson allowed and I think its evident in the work.

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