Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Kindness Rocks Rock the 4th Grade

As the school year winds down, 4th graders are paying it forward with kindness rocks. Each 4th grader is painting two rocks with inspirational words, sayings or images. One rock they keep and can do with as they please. The other, they are placing in the garden in front of the school.   On the last week of school each 4th  grader will take a rock, someone else's and then put is somewhere else in the world to be found by, hopefully a stranger.... The seed for this idea came from many places.  Our after care director Samantha told me of a peace garden at a former school where kids painted inspirational rocks and left them.  I have been thinking about random acts of kindness and how kids can create positive culture through making art. I also have been thinking of art as gift... the act of giving of oneself.   This all came together in this project.   Then just as I was introducing to the kids I found on line that there is something called the Kindness Project, similar to what we are doing.
Take a look at the front garden if you can. Below are some examples  of  the lovely rocks  that kids are producing.

A HUGE shout out to the PTO for providing extra funds to purchase amazing paint markers for this end of year project.



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