Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Painted Paper Weavings by 2nd Graders

Second graders have been hard at work creating painted paper "looms" to weave solid paper strips into place mats in time for Mother's Day. This was a three week lesson that incorporated crayon resist, tempera painting, pattern making, cutting skills, 3-D thinking as we figured out how to weave papers over and under and make our weavings strong.

Paper weaving is a lesson taught earlier in Rowe school and one I revisit with a 'twist' and a challenge. More than one child told me they had trouble doing it in first grade but now they " got it". We discussed how we need to have positive thoughts, patience, practice and perseverance, traits that keep coming into our discussion this year.  They also know that a strong foundation in paper weaving will help them next year when we create straw weavings ( belts, bracelets, and scarves).
Below is a slide show of some of the weavings and a cross-section of students at work from various classes. Enjoy.'

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