Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Art in process: Collaborative Abstract Mural by 3rd & 4th Graders

March is YOUTH ART MONTH: During the month of March, that I call " Think Different Challenge" month in the Y. E. S. Art Studio, all third and 4th graders are participating in a collaborative abstract mural that is being created in the hallway outside the Art Studio.   My goal in embarking on the project was to engage the students in an authentic artistic process, where the artist, in this case approximately 250 artists,  participate in a where each student responds to the work ( marks, colors, etc) of the artist before them. Its a process that will continue to evolve, until it gets to a point that we are satisfied with it. It feels a bit like I am musical conductor, keeping a focus on the whole and allowing the artists to do their thing, but controlling the materials and tools. 

Its a lesson that started with math,  music and monochromatic colors meet to create a layered work of art.  The math was  geometric shapes, parallel lines and measured midpoints.  The music was, for a brief period artists painted  to J.S. Bach's " Aria" from the "Goldberg Variations".  And day two color began to be added and it  then evolved into a color lesson using primary and secondary colors.  Its now transformed into segments of monochromatic colors that progress across the murals surface.   I will keep adding to the images as the mural unfolds.  And I confess, each morning now this week, I am excited to come to the hallway and just bask literally in the glow of the mural.  If you are at Y.E.S. be sure to come by and check it out.  Its well work your time, or so I think! Next week we will continue to fine tune and hopefully add a title.  One student called it " A trail through an abstract rainbow", which I found particularly resonating.
In addition, when Ms. Agell saw it, she exclaimed, " Oh, its a palimpsest!".  I had never heard of the word but indeed it is a palimpsest, something that reveals itself through various layers that continue to show through, as more layers are added.
Mrs. Wentworth's 3rd Graders, day 4 of the mural. Add captio

A very focused 3rd grader adding highlights on the monochromatic segment of green. 

Mr. Gordon's 4th graders getting into their groove. 

Day 2: Color is starting to be added.

End of Day 1: Parallel lines, geometric shapes and lines, some zentangles.

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