Saturday, February 11, 2017

Make & Take Zig-Zag Heart Cards

The days before Valentine's Day have been spent in the Art Studio with what I call a : Make & Take
Lesson.  A lesson where we are challenged to explore a process or concept( in this case how positive shapes can create negative spaces, that in turn create other positive shapes) and it results in a product we take home and share that day.

Valentine's Day symbol of the heart, as a symbol of love, offers rich possibilities and this year all the classes ( at  least the ones not impacted by our snow storms) were able to participate.  Kids were totally self motivated by the challenge and I wound up taking photos of every student's work. The work of the previous class became the exemplar's in a iphoto slide show I projected for the following classes.  It was really interesting how the marvels of technology can be used as a simple tool to not only acknowledge the unique style of each child, to affirm the value of their work and inspire their classmates.  I had never in the past used the work of a current years students in such a way and I am hooked on using it more as students work's became successively complex as they garnered ideas and inspirations.
Below is a slide show of works by students in Mr. Abbott's 3rd Grade.  The challenge was to create the zig-zag fold and then somewhere in the card use at least one positive shape heart and its negative shape ( created by cutting it out) to create another heart.  The results are diverse and lovely as you can see.

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