Thursday, January 19, 2017

Art as Process....

2nd and Third graders started 2017 off in the Art Studio with an immersion in the process of seeing.
We explored “Do Not Look” drawing ( looking only at the object not your drawing), non-dominant hand drawing, one liner drawing, memory drawing, scribble drawing

and some other methods.  All these exercises were geared to help students slow down their seeing, find the details in an object, and focus on the process of seeing vs the product of a finished work of art.
While some students were skeptical at first, all ultimately engaged in the process and these mini-booklets are the result.  
To extend this lesson at home you might want to try one of the methods yourself, I am pretty certain your child would be happy to lead you in the exercise.

Cheers to a positive 2017 for us all.

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