Sunday, October 30, 2016

There was an old monster.... Paper Collages with 2nd graders

Second graders have had a blast recently exploring the art of  paper collage by making collaged colorful monsters on a stick.  We were inspired by the collages in the book There was an Old Monster by Rebecca, Adrian and Ed Emberley.

The artistic challenge in this lesson, besides engineering the paper to pop out, or zig zag, or be overlapped was that kids could NOT draw with pencil, pen or crayon, they had to ' Draw with their Scissors" , and just make it up as they went along... in the style of jazz music and Henri Matisse and they did a great job. Hopefully these creations made it home safe and sound.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Ishy Flowers by Second Graders

In the Spirit of Ish....

These past 2 weeks second graders  embarked on a wonderful journey of creating ' ishy floral still lifes".  Week one, I brought in bouquets of garden flowers.  We learned how to "air draw".. shut one eye and trace what we see with our pointer finger which helps us flatten the world so we can draw on a 2-D piece of paper. Beyond that we each just painted what we saw in our own 'ishy style".      Week two we added color and learned a " blending technique" with oil pastels.  Pictured here are some 2nd graders intently painting their flowers.    Below I have embedded a slide show of finished pictures by Mrs. Tate's 2nd grade artists. 
Going forward I will try to feature each 2nd grade classes' work at least once on this blog this year. 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Second Grade Hour:

For second grade hour in the Art Studio we are learning a bit about Pablo Picasso and specifically his love of one-line drawings, also known as " one -liners".  Second grade hour is a rotation of 6 weeks, in which every six weeks, a second grade class will have an extra art class.  If your child has participated in this first rotation you have gotten my ' blurb' with links and examples of one-liners.  If not, you soon will.  The thing I so enjoy about one-liners, is that once kids discover the 'idea', they love coming up with their own and stretch their thinking as they play with the drawn line. 
Below is the short slide show on Picasso that I created and shared to kick off the lesson.