Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Creating Community through Art

Creating Community: Making Dots and an Ishy Word Wall

Our first two weeks have flown by and all classes have read or, watched, Peter Reynold's empowering books, The Dot and Ish . I have sent home more extensive introduction on all this so shall try and keep it brief here. Y.E.S. was registered as a participant in this year's International Dot Day, where more than 6.4 million artists around the world were read The Dot and made art inspired by it. Every student, and this week every staff member, has now made their mark, each creating their own unique dot for the hallway.  The effect is truly inspiring.  And pictures are worth 1000 words.....but are even nicer in person....Here are some photos of dots and following the Ishy Word Wall, that lives outside the art studio. Super fun drawings and imaginative words.  Definitely worth a visit when next you are in the school.
Dots made by Y.E.S. students making their marks.

A panoramic view of the central hall of dots at Y.E.S. Fall, 2016

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