Sunday, May 15, 2016

YEF Grant awarded for Twig Hut Construction: Building Community Through the Arts

I am thrilled to announce that the Yarmouth Education Foundation awarded a grant to the YES SHARE team for the collaborative construction, by all the students at YES,  of a large twig hut on the YES playgrounds.

The construction will begin this week, of May 17th. We will kick off the week with an all school community meeting on TEAMWORK  and the importance of teamwork in the construction of the hut.  Each class will participate in the design and construction during their regularly scheduled art class. The three art classes that fall on a Monday will be able to come during a separate time slot so all the children will have at least one class opportunity to construct.

The students in the flight club plan to document the process with aerial photos and all the students will be help create a digital slide show of the development of the hut. A tripod will be set up and it will be the job of every child to take at least one photo during their session. Hopefully it will come together as a time lapse movie of the project.

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