Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Twig Hut Day

Our YEF funded Twig Hut with Suzy Perrine has begun. A picture tells a 1000 words, so I will enclose a few of them here plus an aerial view of day one progress from a drone also funded by a YEF grant for a flight club at YES. Kids were engaged, challenged, patient, problem solvers, diggers, weavers, clippers, harvesters and hard working team players. Classes on deck today were Mrs. Wentworth's 3rd grade, Mrs. Parkin and Rhoads 4th grades and Mrs. Page-Redmann's 2nd grade.

Aerial view of Twig Hut Day One documented by another YEF grant for a flight club drone. Teacher Todd Abbott recorded the progress. Here is one can see the hut started with kids creating a circle and then each driving a peg, I believe 23 pegs in all into the ground to start the hut. 

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