Sunday, January 10, 2016

I thought it would be nice to start the new year by learning about an artist who just had a birthday.  His name was Henri Matisse and he was born Dec. 31, 1869 in France; he would have been 149 years old this week if he were alive today.
I  read the book, Henri's Scissors on the big screen and we will learn how he liked to “ draw with scissors”, he loved colors and wanted his work to feel balanced and comfortable.
We reviewed what complementary colors are- colors that are opposite on the color wheel- and then did some fun eye exercises. I honestly don't understand the mechanics of it, but if you stare at a color, and then take it away your eye sees its complement. If you stare at a black square and take it away, you will see a white aura. This is something I encouraged kids to explore in greater depth. 
The science of color theory is rich and fascinating and this is just one small experiment they can try. 
We then practiced making our own, mini- balanced collages using complementary colors.

Next week we will explore the concept of
TRANSFORMATION in art, using simple collaged shapes that we will transform and make meaning with.

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