Sunday, November 1, 2015

Zentangling at YES Art Studio


Recently  third graders  and now some fourth grade classes were introduced to the concept of creating Zentangles. Zentangles are complex designs that are created through simple repetition, or sequencing of different marks.  We discussed the difference between creating a pattern vs. a sequence of marks that may need to adapt to the space they are in.... a picture of a Zentangle is literally worth a thousand words and that is pretty much how I introduced this lesson. 

This is an example of a quilt of Zentangles. 

We watched a slide show, then watched one of the originators of Zentangles doing a zentangle and then tried our hand at our own Zentangles. On one level Zentangling is really just a special kind of " doodle", on the other hand, having taught the art of Zentangle for about 5 years now, I find it an amazingly EMPOWERING form of creating.  Without exception, in each class you could hear a pin drop as my kid artists watched Maria Thomas, one of the originators of Zentangles wordlessly create her Zentangle.  In addition kids were eager to try their hand at it, and each child brought their own unique style to their tangles.  The first Zentangles they created went home with them; hopefully you had a peak at them.  Going forward we will use the art of Zentangling to create unique texture, style, contrast and beauty to all sorts of works of art.  Below is the slide show I shared with the kids. If you want to find out more on Zentangling or to do it yourself with your child, go to

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