Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Second Graders introduced to paintings of Georgia 0'Keeffe
This fall second graders have been sci-artists and explored leaves and flowers from the Y.E. S. gardens with jewelers loupes ( see 2nd Grade Team Hour). With jewelers loupes as our tool we have now gone on to look closely at flowers as Georgia O'Keeffe might have done.  We watched a short Brain Pop Jr. movie clip on Georgia 0'Keeffe and some classes we read the book  My Name is Georgia.  
We learned that Georgia O'Keeffe was born in Wisconsin on November 15, 1887 and if she were alive today she would have been 128 years old.  We learned that she always knew she wanted to be an artist but that in those ' olden days' women were not expected to be artists.  She studied to be an art teacher and eventually moved to New York City where she began painting HUGE flowers. She wanted her work to be so big and beautiful so people would stop to see the beauty of flowers as she saw them. 

We then explored being artists in Georgia O'Keeffe's style. We used loupes again to look closely at flowers, drawing what we saw but also adding our own styles and interpretations. The flowers are larger than life, filling 9 x 9 inch squares. Second graders drew them  carefully in  pencil, then sharpie, and now have begun adding colors.  Our color study we will learned about warm and cool colors. We did small thumbnail color studies in crayon of warm flowers on cool backgrounds.  We then chose the combination we preferred and applied that to painting of our flowers. They are coming out beautifully and each one is very unique expression of each child's vision.
Enlarged flower.

Students did thumbnail studies of warm  color flowers on cool color  backgrounds
Color study in warm and cool.
This young artist used the jewelers loupe ( upper right) to allow her to see details in the flower.

Red violet on blue background. 

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