Sunday, November 1, 2015

Crayon Resist Leaf Placemats with 2nd and 3rd Graders
In the second and third grades we explored one of the Elements of Art, TEXTURE, to create lovely leaf textured placemats.  We reviewed that texture in art often is how  something looks like it might feel, even though we would only feel it with our eyes.  We used the scientific properties of oil and water, the fact that the two don't mix to create crayon resist paintings.  We limited our palette to the primary colors Red and Yellow, to create warm fall colors, and Green, the complement of Red to create natural fallish feel to our rubbings.
Vocabulary for this lesson was: Texture, Warm colors: Red, Yellow, Orange
and Complementary colors: Red and Green.
We discussed how complimentary colors are opposite on the color wheel and when mixed together they create a muddy color.
We also discussed how artists use different colors to create different feelings in a work of art.
These pieces were intended for daily use, as placemats, so I hope that they have found their way into your home, sooner than later. By the end of the first week of November all should have been sent home.

Step one, use the vein side of a leaf to create textured leaf rubbings
Step two, add  thinned tempera paint to create a resist

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