Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Art Parties, Press Here & a busy Open Studio

Recently all the classes, 2nd, 3rd and 4th earned an art parties. Due to holiday and field trips its taking a few weeks for all classes to have their parties but they all will for sure.  Art parties can vary from being a day of self-guided free art making, to watching an art video to learn about an interesting artist, or to learn a new art game. 
 For our first art party of the year I introduced all the students to the brilliant french artist/ illustrator Herv√© Tullet and his book Press Here and the game of visual logic of the same name, “ Press Here”.   We started classes off with the book and game intro and then each child had time to pursue ‘ their own” creative endeavor.  Some kids worked in sketch books, some made posters, other in Mrs. Rhoads class worked on their knitting and, still others played the game Press Here, or made their own versions of the book Press Here. Without fail the studio was very much alive and vibrant during these hours and all classes are well on their way to earning another art party in a few months.
I have embedded here a slide show of just some of the creativity that blossomed during these parties. Without exception kids were engaged, excited, often collaborating, always creating and an inspiration to me. Some times ' free art' can devolve into chaos, or inappropriate behaviors but Y.E. S. kids appreciated the sessions and made the most of them. Made me look forward to our next party.
Most of the slides are of Mrs. Rhoads fourth grade classe but all the classes were just as creative. The knitters are from Mrs. Rhoads class where she has taught them all to knit and many of them wanted to bring their work into the art studio so our work was quite diverse.

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