Saturday, October 24, 2015

Second round of Second Grade Team Hour has begun and for this unit we are exploring our worlds as Scientist-Artists, or " Sci-Artists".

We discussed that artists and scientists share many traits:
Artists and scientists both;
  • look carefully at their worlds
  • slow their eyes down to observe details
  • make drawings that inform a viewer
  • use colors that are close to the object
  • often draw objects and details to help them remember what something looks like

For this lesson we first  practiced using a jeweler’s loupe.  A loupe is a small magnifier that one has up close to one’s eye. It takes a bit of time to get the knack of  using a jewelers loupe so we first did that.
Then we gathered leaves, or sticks or other natural items from outdoors, and brought them inside.
We did careful , observational drawings of the items ‘ as is’ and then looking through the magnification of the loupe.  
In science second graders have been working with Deb Landry, a science consultant for the district, on seeds & seed pods and they looked through magnifiers through a kind of microscope that hooked into a computer.  We made the connection to that lesson and next month during the Art Share team hour, we will be looking at the paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe, who not only looked closely at her world but she also, changed forever how others see the world.

A note about the loupes: Each child used their own loupe and after each class I sterilize the loupes with  lysol wipes.  Kids always are excited by these simple, but very powerful and versatile  magnifiers. If you are curious about them a set of 3 different magnifications ( 2.5 x, 5x and 10 x) go for about $5.00 on Amazon. Kids usually ask me about that, that is why I am including it here.
Looking closely, with a loupe to the artist's right side.

Below is the observation sheet we used to focus our seeing and drawing.

Artist-Scientist Observational Drawings

I looked at ______________________________

  As is:     Magnified:


Magnified ____ x

 I noticed _________________________________________




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