Saturday, October 24, 2015

Our second round of 3rd Grade team hour is extending our lesson of Picasso' one-liners. We read the book Follow the Line and A Line can be.... by Laura Ljunkvist.

Both books are extended one-liners that travel the length of the books.  Each child got their very own mini one liner book. They titled them and their visual adventures began... One child wanted to title her " One Liner Adventure" which was inspiring, so I officially changed the name of the lesson to "Our One-Liner Adventure".   If you haven't seen your child's book do ask them about it. 

The process of creating in one-liner format is a very focussing activity; I am not sure what happens with my brain when I work in  one-liner mode but I do know its challenging, satisfying and getting me to think and create outside my comfort zone.  Kids, without exception seem to really get into it to.  I you want to try this at home keep it simple and make it a game... seems to work best that way.  

A oneliner figure, colored in....

A one liner starting off with an abstract scribble warm- up.... literally taking a line for a walk, 

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