Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fourth graders have been working on drawing wooden artist's mannequins. This was a mini unit where we first used our eyes to break down the components of a mannequin's shapes into ovals, trapezoids, circles and squares.  We noticed that anywhere a mannequin moved, i.e. any joint, was represented by a circle of various sizes. We practiced drawing them in different poses.

Mannequin shapes week one.
The following week we discussed  the elements of art, and how line is the most basic element of art. That when lines close a shape is formed and how how shapes are 2-D, and forms are -3D , and that artist's use VALUE ( lightness or darkness of a mark or color) to create form.  We practiced creating form in our drawings of mannequins using only a crayon. The results were very satisfying and every artist was able to leave class feeling a sense of accomplishment.
Here are some student examples from Mrs. Fier's 4th grade:

Using a crayon is surprisingly much easier to shade with than a pencil.  While many kids were skeptical of this lesson at first, they all trusted the process and tried the instructions and I was very proud of them for doing it. Most of them were stepping out of their comfort zones in this lesson and yet at the end of class felt very good about their work.  A personal goal as an art teacher is for me to know kids feel empowered by the lessons I teach and this is one that empowerment was evident.

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