Monday, September 14, 2015

" Making our Mark", inspired by THE DOT by Peter Reynolds

During our second week in the YES Art Studio, all the young artists made  their mark, inspired by the book, The Dot, by Peter Reynolds.  In each class we started by watching the animated version of The Dot, and then proceeded to make our own " dot inspired" works of art.  The challenge was to use a 6 inch square and a yogurt container to make our own unique dot.
The password for 3rd and 4th graders was ' mixed-media', because they  used two different materials or media ( marker and watercolors, 3rd and crayon and watercolors 4th) to create their unique dots. Second graders password was crayon-resist.
Students were encouraged to make their dots, or ' their marks', different from anyone else's. The results were diverse, experimental in some cases, safer in others, but in all cases kids explored and felt pretty good about what they accomplished.  I have been laminating the dots and making them into " Dot Quilts" that are displayed around the school, so on your next visit in, check out the Dot Quilts.

In addition, the making of the dots was part of International Dot Day.
 Each year for the past few years artists of all ages from around the world have celebrated the empowerment of making ones mark, no matter how big or how small it may be.  In this way, September 15th has been declared International Dot Day, and this year over 3 million artists ( teachers and their students for the most part) have signed up to use artistic dots as a vehicle of creativity.

I have registered the students at YES to be part of this international celebrations, and plan to submit photos of the Dot Quilts to the website.  While each child's dot has  its own unique identity, the collective collaborative quilt of dot squares has a strong visual impact, with the whole, being stronger than the sum of its parts; hopefully echoing the strength our our community here at YES.

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