Saturday, September 7, 2019

GREETINGS from the ART STUDIO for 2019-20

Hello All,   As we begin our new year at Y.E.S.  all our 3rd and 4th graders are making their marks by contributing to a community dot mural, inspired by the book THE DOT, by Peter Reynolds.  Each student creates a dot, adds are power word or phrase to it; a word or phrase that will help them have a positive year. They then decorate the dot and place it on this rainbow of primary and secondary colors that resides  on the wall the Art Studio.  Its a work in progress so the photos below will show a progression.

Second graders, for their first week of art class, also watched THE DOT, and experimented with various materials and ways to create art. They are learning the procedures of the art studio and next week will make their marks by creating their own mini dot inspired murals for the Second grade wing.
If you are curious to find out more about THE DOT, here is a link to International Dot Day . I have registered Y.E.S. to once again participate. This year over 15 million artists and students from over 181 countries have registered to celebrate the power of creativity making our marks.

Monday, February 11, 2019

School Wide: Heart Art Challenge: How can you make two hearts from one?

This heart art challenge is one we revisit each year around Valentine's Day.  Its a perfect opportunity to discuss not only the concept of how positive shapes can create negative spaces, but that then those spaces create positive shapes.  In theory a challenging idea but when presented with the collage methods we use here it all makes sense.  At the bottom of the post are  links to two slide shows of the two different lessons.

Second Grader's Positive/ Negative Shapes Challenge
 In addition, we discussed what a symbol is and how symbols have evolved in our society primarily due to texting and the use of emoji's.  When I first started teaching the symbols in our society tended to be used mostly on traffic signs, or smiley faces or peace signs, and of course the heart for love.  I am now thinking we almost have developed a new kind of contemporary hieroglyphs with emojis and the kids really ' get it'. I am working on developing a lesson using contemporary emojis as a hieroglyphs as visual thinking. Stay tuned on that one,  but for this lesson just enjoy the slide show and hopefully if you are a YES parent  you received a hand made Valentine yourself from this lesson.
Second Grade Positive/ Negative Heart Art Challenge

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Sci-Artists Dissect a Clementine with the help of jeweler's loupes and their iPad cameras

Fourth graders began their unit of 'Artists as Scientists'.  Artists for centuries have shared a number of characteristics with scientists.  Both are careful observers of the world and notice details that they record.  We also discussed how before photography most scientists had to be skilled at drawing to record what they saw and to share knowledge.
For this lesson, a lesson that I have honed over the past few years, the use of iPad's greatly enhanced the process and the resulting products.  It was a case of my asking kids originally to just use the iPads as a recording tool and they very quickly took the iPad to a level of enhancing and improving the lesson using its camera function and its zoom function to record photos, to draw from those photos and to observe even greater details by adding the jeweler's loupes to the iPad lens.  It's also a case of my letting my students ' off leash' as I like to call it, with the appropriate challenge and tools and letting them explore the best way to get things done.  I have been amazed at how they continue to push my thinking and teaching by pushing how they integrate their knowledge and experiences into lessons and take them further.
 Below is a slide show of some of the results. Sci-Artists Dissecting a clementine with a jewelers loupe and iPad camera

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Art as Gift in the December Art Studio

December is a month that all students created artworks as gifts. 
Second graders created lovely ceramic bells and third and fourth graders learned handwork skills of  weaving and sewing. Fourth graders were also offered many choices in the gifts they chose to make so scratch art, upcycled Starbucks gift cards and an assortment of stitched and woven objects were created.   Below is a link to a slide show of a number of processes and products that were part of the month's workshops.  Check out the link below to witness some of the buzz.

 Art As Gift: Art Makers Workshops in December

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Zentangle Designer Sneaker!!!

Zentangled Sneaker designed and decorated by fourth grader Ellis

Ellis modeling his hand decorated Zentangled sneakers.

Fourth Graders are revisiting the art of making Zentangles.  They will be using the technique to make scratch art book covers and book marks and magnets for the holidays.  They were inspired by the works of Nigerian artist, Laolu Senbanjo, who intricate designs have been featured in designs at Starbucks, and the Black Panther movie.  Nike even commissioned him design a sneaker,  which was the inspiration for Ellis' fabulous design.  Who needs to pay big bucks for designer sneakers when you can make your own. I can assure anyone reading this  post that there will soon be a number of YES students with custom designed sneakers.  Way to go Ellis to inspire us all.'

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

2nd Graders ALL visit the Bowdoin College Museum of Art

Bowdoin College Museum of Art 2nd Grade Fall Field Trip 

Second graders went on a visual literacy tour of the Bowdoin College Museum of Art in Brunswick led by literacy strategist Ms. Agell and myself, Mrs. Higgison the art teacher.
This field trip has become an annual event and is foundational in the visual arts curriculum, serving to expose our children to experiencing art works in a world class museum that is super close to home. Given that the BCMA is a  smaller venue than the Portland Museum of Art ( where we will go this spring), it allows students to experience the work in a more relaxed atmosphere.

The over arching goal of the trip is to encourage students to experience art by using their senses, as well as participating in an activity that encourages students to voice and share their opinions on various works of art.  We also were able to equip students with mini-museum sketch books so each tour ended with some free sketching time.

Ms. Agell and I were super proud of our second graders who practiced their museum walk and museum manners with a level of excitement and joy that truly made for some memorable moments.
Below is a slide show of some of the moments captured.  If you see this post and want to visit the Bowdoin College Museum of Art, know it is free and open to the public Tuesday- Sunday and they encourage families to come and learn and share together.

Friday, November 2, 2018

FALL LEAF PRINTS: Texture and Color

Second and third graders experimented with using rubbing and print techniques to capture beautiful textures from all leaves. The resulting creations were then laminated and sent home to use as placemats.