Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Zentangle Designer Sneaker!!!

Zentangled Sneaker designed and decorated by fourth grader Ellis

Ellis modeling his hand decorated Zentangled sneakers.

Fourth Graders are revisiting the art of making Zentangles.  They will be using the technique to make scratch art book covers and book marks and magnets for the holidays.  They were inspired by the works of Nigerian artist, Laolu Senbanjo, who intricate designs have been featured in designs at Starbucks, and the Black Panther movie.  Nike even commissioned him design a sneaker,  which was the inspiration for Ellis' fabulous design.  Who needs to pay big bucks for designer sneakers when you can make your own. I can assure anyone reading this  post that there will soon be a number of YES students with custom designed sneakers.  Way to go Ellis to inspire us all.'

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

2nd Graders ALL visit the Bowdoin College Museum of Art

Bowdoin College Museum of Art 2nd Grade Fall Field Trip 

Second graders went on a visual literacy tour of the Bowdoin College Museum of Art in Brunswick led by literacy strategist Ms. Agell and myself, Mrs. Higgison the art teacher.
This field trip has become an annual event and is foundational in the visual arts curriculum, serving to expose our children to experiencing art works in a world class museum that is super close to home. Given that the BCMA is a  smaller venue than the Portland Museum of Art ( where we will go this spring), it allows students to experience the work in a more relaxed atmosphere.

The over arching goal of the trip is to encourage students to experience art by using their senses, as well as participating in an activity that encourages students to voice and share their opinions on various works of art.  We also were able to equip students with mini-museum sketch books so each tour ended with some free sketching time.

Ms. Agell and I were super proud of our second graders who practiced their museum walk and museum manners with a level of excitement and joy that truly made for some memorable moments.
Below is a slide show of some of the moments captured.  If you see this post and want to visit the Bowdoin College Museum of Art, know it is free and open to the public Tuesday- Sunday and they encourage families to come and learn and share together.

Friday, November 2, 2018

FALL LEAF PRINTS: Texture and Color

Second and third graders experimented with using rubbing and print techniques to capture beautiful textures from all leaves. The resulting creations were then laminated and sent home to use as placemats.

Stop Motion Animation Yarn Challenge

In fourth grade I introduced the Stop Motion animation app early in the year as many students are wanting to use it to create movies for their writing and just for creative thinking fun.
The challenge for our 'getting to know' Stop Motion, was to animate a ball of yarn.
It had to be at least 7 seconds and 124 frames, have end credits and a title.
Kids just rose to the challenge and the Art Studio has literally be abuzz each time we are filming.  Later in the year we will revisit Stop Motion, but I was glad to introduce it early this year so that kids can explore and experiment in their free time.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Art Lab Days

Art Lab Days:   

We entered into week three of the Art Studio with Art Lab days.  An 'art lab' just like a science lab is a place where students can experiment and make new discoveries with materials and combinations of materials.  It is very much a place that students can explore the processes of making art and hopefully gain empowerment via hands on discoveries.

I hope this year to embed more of these sessions into the Art Studio curriculum and in the future have the kids document some of the process or at least the discoveries using their iPads.  For now it was just exploration and by all accounts very successful sessions.
Here are some photos of the goings on and a slide show.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Cheers to a Making our Marks and the Start of a New School Year

Greetings Art Viewers, 
      We are off to a strong start to the new school year with artists once again being inspired by Peter Reynolds book  THE DOT .  We watched Peter read the story, discussed how it is more than just a book about making dots.  We discussed that it is a book in which the character Vashti discovers that with Positive Thinking, Patience, Practice and Perseverance she can learn a new skill ( art making) and even share her experience and be generous with another child by sharing the lesson she learned.
Those 4 attributes ( I call the 4 P's) are super important to the growth mindset that we strive to inculcate in are time in the art studio.

Each student spent their first art class making their mark, a unique dot, and then adding an inspiring "power word" that they felt will help them have a successful year. We then took the dots out to the center hallway mural and pasted them on and signed out names, just as Vashti did with her dot.

I am taking photos of this mural and sharing them with the International Dot Day celebrations International Dot Day so that YES can be part of the world community of over 8 million artists being inspired by THE DOT this year

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Stop Motion Animation takes the 4th Graders by storm

This spring 4th graders have been using their one to one Ipads to experiment with and create animated short movies.
Its been an exciting new opportunity afforded by these powerful tools. It has allowed students who may have been reluctant drawers to feel empowered to tell visual stories via moving pictures.

We are hoping to have a YES Animated Shorts Film Festival this June during a 4th grade lunch hour, so stay tuned.
Below are a a number of images of students working on their movies. Check out the clever set ups used to create various effects.  I literally just introduced this lesson and then 'got out of their way' so to speak to let them explore and discover. 

One of my most rewarding parts of this lesson was watching the SHARING of information and tricks' kids were truly team players and discovered so much by helping each other problem solve the app.